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Our photographic style is an uncommon blend of traditional wedding photography, photojournalism, and original fine art wedding photography. And a dash of humor.

Family. We view “wedding photography” as family photography. We feel that our clientele value now - and will value even more in the future - not only photographs of just the bride and groom but also pictures of the family and friends who have been invited to share in the wedding day.

Historical documentation. We try to have the photographs retain the natural ambiance of your carefully-chosen ceremony and reception venues so that, when looking back at the photographs years down the road, one gets a good feel for the mood and atmosphere of the day.

Easygoing. We feel that a laid-back approach to the photography helps the couple and their family and friends to relax and “be in the moment” on the wedding day.

Not impersonal. Usually people are pretty at ease around us and this is conducive to our photographs being less “impersonal” in feel than what you get with some other photographers’ work.

Timeless. Our photographs tend more toward the timeless, away from the cheesy.

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